The Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage supports children’s learning and development and welfare and is divided into 3 Prime areas of learning and 4 Specific areas of learning. These areas are listed below with some examples of activities in our preschool.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


  • Making Relationships
    The children join their key group at group times to get to know one another such as rolling a ball to each other.
  • Self-confidence & self-awareness
    We provide a choice board with photographs of activities the children can choose to take part in
  • Managing Feelings and Behaviour
    We provide books, stories, and puppets that can be used to model responding to others feelings such as “The Smartest Giant In Town”
Physical Development
  • Moving and Handling
    We provide equipment such as ropes and cargo nets to develop our gross motor skills.
  • Health and Self-care
    We support children’s growing independence as they start doing things for themselves such as putting on their coat, We also encourage the children to pour their own drink at snack time and involve them in the preparation of food.
Communication and Language


  • Listening and attention
    We play “run and touch” to support children’s listening skills. Such as “run and touch something yellow”. The children need to listen for the word “go” before they find the colour.
  • Understanding
    We sing lots of songs with actions to help children understand the words.
  • Speaking
    We provide stories with repetition and rhyme to encourage the correct use of language.
  • Reading
    We have a cosy area and wig wam to share stories. We encourage parents to share their stories from home too.
  • Writing
    We provide clip boards, note books, and other interesting resources in all areas of learning to support writing.


  • Numbers
    We play skittles and other target games which relate to number order, addition and subtraction, We count using real money in the role play area.
  • Shape, Space and Measure
    Providing different sized containers in the water table to fill and empty to experiment with volume and capacity, Weighing ingredients to make playdoh.
Understanding the World
  • People and Communities
    Sharing photographs of family and pets from home
  • The World
    We might visit the shops to buy some fruit for snack. We use the magnifiers to look at mini beasts we find in our garden
  • Technology
    We use the printer to copy pictures we have made.
Expressive Arts and Design
  • Exploring and using media and materials
    We experiment with colour by mixing paints together to create new colours
  • Being imaginative
    We have  bright coloured super hero capes to support our interests

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